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Smoking Cessation Program

The pharmacist with the Erie Shores Family Health Team (ESFHT) offers the Smoking Cessation Program to patients who wish to quit smoking tobacco. This program is available to patients enrolled with the ESFHT and involves working with the team Pharmacist. The program includes education and support, nicotine replacement products, quit date identification, and valuable tips to begin to decrease, and eventually stop smoking tobacco.


Patients and/or health care providers can refer to the Smoking Cessation Program at any time. Patients can expect a consultation with a pharmacist to assess their quit readiness; in addition to follow-up counselling sessions (by phone or in person) to assess and evaluate the plan.

What to Expect During the Smoking Cessation Program:

  • A free, standardized, evidence-based program that includes screening, counselling and support.
  • Access to individualized smoking cessation therapy, options, support tools, resources, and follow-up.
  • Help with behavioral modification, education about nicotine-replacement therapy, and prescribing and monitoring therapy by a pharmacist.

Patient Responsibility during the Smoking Cessation Program:

  • Attend sessions on time and notify the pharmacist if you are unable to attend.
  • Be available to learn about how to monitor prescription dose-response effects of the nicotine replacement therapy, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, concurrent medical conditions etc.
  • Recognize that actively participating in smoking cessation programming is a time-consuming process that demands dedication – it takes work!
  • Be willing to express your needs and concerns whenever possible.
  • Reflect on benefits you see to quitting.
  • Keep moving; exercise is important for the mind and body.
  • Avoid triggers to reduce cravings, try to avoid them until you are ready and confident.
  • Stay informed with available resources; quitting is a journey.

Group Workshops and Sessions:

There may be times throughout the year, that certain components of the smoking cessation program are available in a group setting only. Patients are asked to be flexible and be willing to attend group and/or one to one programming to quit smoking.

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