Healthcare worker with stethoscope listening to patient's chest


Erie Shores Family Health Team (Leamington)

197 Talbot St. West

Suite 101:

  • Dr. Rachel Park
  • Dr. Alexandrea Gow
  • Dr. Sheila Horen
  • Dr. Frederick Sabga
  • Dr. Robert Simpson
  • Dr. Ninos Yacoub
  • Dr. Matthew Pfaff
  • Donna Lapointe NP-PHC
  • Bonnie Myslik NP-PHC

Suite 205:

  • Dr. Alan Russell

Suite 206:

  • Dr. Roberto Gonzalez-Almeyda

Dr. Ross Moncur and Associates

10 Clark St. West, Leamington

  • Dr. Ross Moncur
  • Sarah Sadler, Physician Assistant
  • Helen Hiebert-Bergen NP-PHC
  • Alex Moroz NP-PHC

Erie Shores Family Health Team (Kingsville)

59 Main St. East, Kingsville

Suite 10:

  • Dr. Kelsea Anderson
  • Dr. Julia Tracey
  • Dr. Atif Chowdhry
  • Kristy Petruk NP-PHC

Suite 12:
  • Dr. Samar Dawood
  • Dr. Alexis Taylor
  • Dr. Jessica Davie
  • Dr. Luther Heys
  • Dr. Valerie Hill
  • Lora Petro NP-PHC

Kingsville Family Health

200 Main St. East, Kingsville

  • Dr. Julia Iftimie
  • Dr. Diana Kindiak

Care Appointments

Urgent care appointments are for ESFHT patients with an unexpected but non-life threatening health problem that requires same-day or next-day treatment.

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Looking for a doctor? Call Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or visit the Ministry of Ontario's website.

Community Calendar

The events listed in this calendar are those of the Erie Shores Family Health Team and multiple other community organizations in Windsor and Essex County.

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