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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an annual physical?

An annual physical may not be needed, however, most providers do recommend an annual visit to check your blood pressure and update  your medical, social and family history. Updating these items can occur during other medical appointments throughout the year if you are seen in the office.

How often do I need a Pap test?

The Ontario guidelines for pap testing recommend a pap be completed every 3 years for women who are sexually active, aged 21-69 years and have had previously normal pap results. Your provider may recommend more frequent pap testing if you have had an abnormal pap result in the past.

What is a FIT test and who needs one?

A Fecal Immunochemical Test, or FIT, is the recommended screening test for everyone aged 50-74 at average risk (no personal family history) of colorectal cancer. The FIT is a stool test, completed by you in your home, and is used to look for possible signs of colorectal cancer. The FIT looks for signs of cancer by testing for blood in your stool. Certain tissue, or polyps with cancer, are more likely to bleed than normal tissue. If there is blood in your stool, it could mean you may need further follow up. If cancer is found early, it can be effectively treated. Talk with your doctor about completing a FIT, and a kit will be mailed to you.

What happens if my provider is away?

The ESFHT has a team philosophy. If you are in need of an urgent care appointment and your provider is unavailable you may be offered the services of another provider. If you prefer to see only your primary care provider, you will be scheduled for the next available appointment.

What is my responsibility when managing my medications?

The ESFHT is committed to providing safe health care. To ensure your medication safety, there are a number of essential steps in order to renew a medication. It is important that you know:

  • The medication you are taking.
  • The reason why you are taking the medication.
  • The amount of medication you have on hand and renew at least 7 business days before your last dose. Prescription renewals take time.

Do I need an antibiotic?

Not all infections respond to antibiotics. The ESFHT providers use antibiotics appropriately and safely. Antibiotics are used to treat illnesses caused by bacteria. Your symptoms may suggest that you have a viral illness. Viral illnesses are caused by viruses and cannot be treated with antibiotics. Be aware that sometimes, the safer treatment is not an antibiotic. Discuss your concerns with your provider.

How many health problems can I talk about during an urgent care appointment?

Urgent care appointments are intended to be brief with the goal of addressing one particular problem. An ongoing relationship is not being established between the patient and the health care provider. You may see your own or another provider for an urgent care appointment. In either case, the purpose of the appointment is to address ONE health issue of immediate concern. If you need to discuss more than one issue, a regular primary care appointment must be scheduled.

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Urgent care appointments are for ESFHT patients with an unexpected but non-life threatening health problem that requires same-day or next-day treatment.

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