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Patient Rights and Responsbilities 

Patient Rights

  • You have the right to be treated with consideration, courtesy and respect;
  • You have the right to privacy regarding your health care and all personal health information;
  • You have the right to information about your medical condition;
  • You have the right to participate in decisions about your care;
  • You have the right to an explanation of your treatment including benefits, risks and alternatives;
  • You have the right to give or refuse consent for treatment and be informed of the consequences of giving and refusing consent;
  • You have the right to confidentiality of all information as outlined in the law;
  • You have the right to know the identity and profession of those responsible for your care;
  • You have the right to express any concerns and compliments by participating in our patient experience survey or by using the compliment and complaint form on this website;
  • If you have a physical or intellectual disability, you have a right to reasonable accommodation in accordance with the law.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in your plan of care;
  • Provide accurate information regarding your health and previous care;
  • Choose and commit to your health care goals;
  • Voice any questions or concerns so you are comfortable with your treatment;
  • Be considerate and respectful of all team members and other patients you may encounter;
  • Be reliable in coming to your appointments;
  • Advise us of changes in your condition, address, health card and contact information;
  • Be aware the ESFHT has a zero tolerance policy for use of profanity, aggressive and disrespectful behaviour toward staff and other patients.

Information We Ask from Patients

  • Ontario Health Card (OHIP) number;
  • Contact information including address, telephone number, email, emergency contact;
  • The name of your pharmacy;
  • Consent to leave you a detailed voicemail message, if needed;
  • Consent to allow a specific person to access your personal health information, if needed;
  • The name of your substitute decision maker/power of attorney;

Booking appointments

We ask you about the nature of your visit to ensure we book enough time for your appointment. If it’s too personal to say, just let us know.

Completing forms often takes more time than expected. Please let us know if you need to have forms completed when you book your appointment. We may ask you to leave the form and pick it up at a later time.

Arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.

Prescriptions and Prescription Refills

Renewals can take up to 7 business days to process. Plan accordingly. There are safety checks in place for prescription renewals to protect you – they take time.

If the medication prescribed to you is not affordable, please discuss this with your primary provider. Your provider may be able to suggest a suitable alternative.

Prescription renewals are to be sent by your pharmacy. Call your pharmacy and ask that a request be sent to the ESFHT.

Exception: Narcotic renewals are not renewed by pharmacy request. These renewals require an appointment with your primary care provider.

Narcotic renewals are not renewed over the telephone except under certain circumstances as determined by the primary care provider.

Patient Code of Conduct

Patients are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner towards all staff, volunteers, students and other patients.

Patients are to attend appointments unimpaired by alcohol and drugs.

Patients are expected to respect ESFHT physical property.

Profane, threatening or abusive language, innuendos, sexual advances and any other form of verbal interaction that ought to be known to be unwelcome and/or disrespectful are not tolerated.

Physical abuse, violence, threats of violence, bullying or intimidating behavior, unwanted or unnecessary physical contact and any other behaviour that ought to be known to be unwelcome and/or disrespectful are not tolerated.

Unacceptable bahaviour may result in a patient being unenrolled with the ESFHT.

Care Appointments

Urgent care appointments are for ESFHT patients with an unexpected but non-life threatening health problem that requires same-day or next-day treatment.

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Looking for a doctor? Call Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or visit the Ministry of Ontario's website.

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