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Appointments at ESFHT

The Erie Shores Family Health Team has a variety of appointment types to best suit your needs. It is important that the correct appointment type is scheduled for you to ensure you have adequate time with your provider. Various appointment times may be conducted by phone or in person depending on the health concern, the provider and the patient. There are a number of appointment types available.

Urgent Care Appointments

Urgent Care appointment are for people who have unexpected but non-life-threatening health concerns that usually require same-day or next day treatment. Urgent care is not appropriate for life-threatening conditions. Urgent care appointments are available for basic illness or injuries such as:

  • Sprains or strains of the ankle, knee or shoulder
  • Minor cuts and lacerations
  • Minor burns or other injuries
  • Minor Abdominal Pain
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Pink eye
  • Bronchitis
  • Common cold
  • Flu (influenza)
  • Ear ache
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen glands
  • Rash and itching
  • Diarrhea
  • Other unexplained pain or swelling
At this time, urgent care appointments during the week must be booked by calling the office. Availability differs by day.

Beginning Saturday July 9 we will be offering all day Urgent Care by Walk in. This clinic will run 8am - 5pm each Saturday, alternating between Leamington and Kingsville offices.  

Preventative Care Appointments

A primary goal of health care is to keep people healthy. Preventative care appointments typically involve care to maintain your health. Such appointments are not urgent and can be scheduled with your provider well in advance. Preventative care appointments are appropriate for:

  • Annual physical health assessments
  • Vaccinations – infant, child, adult
  • PAP tests
  • Driver physicals

‘Shot Only’ Appointments

The purpose of a Shot Only appointment is to provide patients with care that requires brief and specific intervention such as:
  • Application of a 24 hour blood pressure monitor.
  • Various injections: allergy shots, routine immunizations for some patients, Vitamin B12 shots, Prolia.
  • Suture/staple removal.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow up appointments are used to pull everything together. There was a reason for a test, procedure, prescribed medication, or recommended lifestyle change. A follow-up appointment is the opportunity for the provider to discuss results of testing or assess the patient’s response to a medication or recommendation. Additionally, follow-up appointments can lead to specialist referrals or further assessment and treatments. Reasons to schedule a follow-up appointment:

  • Discuss test results
  • Review patient response to a new medication or a dosage change
  • Discuss referral to a specialist or further diagnostic testing
  • Discuss goals of care/answer patient questions

Care Appointments

Urgent care appointments are for ESFHT patients with an unexpected but non-life threatening health problem that requires same-day or next-day treatment.

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