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Online Appointment Booking

March 13, 2024

The Erie Shores Family Health Team offers Online Appointment Booking through Medeo Health! Online appointment booking allows you to book your appointments online without having to call into the clinic. You can choose the available appointment with your Healthcare Provider that works best for your schedule. 

ESFHT Physicians currently participating in online booking are:

  • Dr. Kelsea Anderson
  • Dr. Atif Chowdhry
  • Dr. Jessica Davie
  • Dr. Samar Dawood
  • Dr. Roberto Gonzalez-Almeyda
  • Dr. Alexandrea Gow
  • Dr. Luther Heys
  • Dr. Valerie Hill
  • Dr. Sheila Horen
  • Dr. Ross Moncur
  • Dr. Rachel Park
  • Dr. Matthew Pfaff
  • Dr. Alan Russell
  • Dr. Frederick Sabga
  • Dr. Julia Tracey
  • Dr. Alexis Taylor
  • Dr. Ninos Yacoub

If your provider is listed above, and you would like to book an appointment online with your provider, please follow these simple steps:

Click here for additional support. 

Step 1) Go to the Medeo Health website 

Step 2) Select our organization ‘’Erie Shores Family Health Team’’ and click ‘’next’’ located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3) Choose your Provider in the menu. Click ‘’next’’.

Step 4) Choose the type of appointment you want to book (Telephone or In Office). Click ‘’next’’.

Step 5) Select a day and time that is available. Click ‘’next’’.

Step 6) Type a brief reason for your appointment, and choose ‘’Request’’

The Medeo program will prompt you to create a username and password to finish your request. Mark this down somewhere, as you will require this information to login in the future.

Once your Medeo account is created, the Erie Shores Family Health Team will receive your appointment request, and either confirm or deny the request. You will be notified through email or text message of the confirmation or denial, depending on your preference when setting up your account.

Already have a Medeo account set up? Please follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Log into your Medeo Patient account.

Step 2) Choose ‘’+BOOK’’ located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3) Follow steps 3 through 6 listed above.

Fun fact! You can also download the Medeo App to your electronic devices through the app store. 

Please note, online booking is not currently available for appts with our nurse practitioners, allied health professionals or for urgent care appointments.

For these appointments, please continue to phone the office.

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